How long will treatment
The number of visits required depends on
many factors such as the severity of your
complaint, how long you have had it, and
whether your lifestyle aggravates your

It is also true that some people respond to
the treatment better than others, and this
is not fully understood. Recent research
has shown, however, that whether or not
you 'believe' in the treatment has no
influence on its effectiveness.

Often there can be improvements after
only one treatment, but usually, especially
where the condition is a long-standing one,
it can take a course of treatments to bring
about lasting benefits. Progress is often
gradual: acupuncture has been shown to
have a cumulative effect and the benefits
build up over time with more treatments. It
is unlikely that a long-term problem is
going to disappear with just one session.

A course of treatment might involve
weekly sessions for six to ten weeks,
tailing off to fortnightly or montly sessions
and then occasional 'top-ups'. For many
people, regular acupuncture treatments
become part of their routine, to keep them
well once imbalances have been

To begin with, we would recommend you
have at least three treatments to give it a
reasonable chance, and then see if you
feel you have made enough progress to
carry on with treatment. If you do not feel
you are getting enough out of the
treatment we will not encourage you to
carry on.