Is it safe?
Acupuncture is generally believed to be a
safe procedure when carried out by fully
trained and qualified practitioners.

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'How to Choose an

We have undergone three years full-time
training and are members of the
professional body for Traditional Chinese
Medicine practitioners, the Association of
Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM). At
present, acupuncture is an unregulated
profession so it is difficult for the public to
know whether a practitioner is properly
qualified, but this is being addressed. We
understand that when regulation is
complete, our training and membership of
the ATCM will mean that we automatically
become registered practitioners. Three
years full-time training, such as we have
completed, will become the standard

only use sterilised, single-use
needles. Patent herbal medicines are
obtained from regulated suppliers who use
only permitted herbs. Strict safety
guidelines and a professional code of
conduct are followed at all times, in
accordance with our membership of the
ATCM. We undertake regular continual
professional development training.

The clinic and both practitioners are
registered with Wirral Borough Council for
the requirements of Environmental Health