Acupuncture is a recognised treatment for
addictions because of its ability to curb
withdrawal symptoms and manage
cravings. If motivated, acupuncture can
empower the patient to take control.

How it works
Acupuncture targets the cravings and
restlessness people commonly experience
when they quit. It aids relaxation by
stimulating the release of endorphins. By
helping the body become more balanced,
acupuncture and herbal medicine can be
helpful in managing physiological
withdrawal symptoms.

Generally the treatment reduces cravings
from 20+ to 3-4 per day and can stop
them completely. It works best if the
patient refrains from smoking for 5 hours
prior to treatment.

What happens during treatment?
You will be asked questions about
smoking habits, lifestyle, and physical and
emotional symptoms. Blood pressure will
be measured and the tongue and pulse
will be examined.

Ear seeds are commonly used in the
treatment of addictions. Seeds on
adhesive patches are placed
at selected points on the outer ear which
relate to smoking-related organs such as
the mouth, throat, lungs and airways. The
patient is advised to press
on the ear seeds when they feel a

Acupuncture needles are used on certain
body points, mainly around the hands and
feet, depending on the individual patientís

Herbal teas or medicine may be
prescribed to help with relaxation and
discourage cravings. Lifestyle
advice will include the drinking of fluids,
intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and
regular exercise.

Will it work?
If the patient can resist smoking for 24
hours after their first treatment, they have
a 90% chance of
success. A total of 2-3 treatments is