"I came to Acupuncture First
because I was suffering from
fatigue and lack of energy. After
the first couple of weeks I started
to feel much better. I was no
longer sleeping during the day
and felt much more energetic. I
was advised to curt down on
caffeine and white bread. I also
ate more Omega 3 and 6 and
exercised more to reduce my
weight. Each session made me
feel progressively better and I
like how easy it was to talk to
Rob about concerns I had. I
would definitely recommend this
treatment to others. If you suffer
from fatigue this will give you a
new lease of life."

"I first visited Rob after a period
of ill health and being run down.
I was recommended
acupuncture as a way to
'rebalance' myself and after the
first visit the effects were
extraordinary. Rob is so
thorough, friendly and
knowledgeable and he put me at
ease and explained the whole
process to me - as well as
paying particular attention to my
general lifestyle and diet. For
rebalancing, acupuncture was
remarkable and I felt much better
after my first visit. I have
subsequently been back for pain
relief for a lower back problem
and again acupuncture worked
wonders - far better than physio!
I'm certainly going to make
acupuncture part of my life to
ensure good health and general
wellbeing. Thank you Rob,
you're great!!"

"I found the acupuncture
beneficial. Trish was very
efficient and I had every
confidence in her. Although my
back's still painful at times, I
have not needed to take
painkillers since the treatment!
The whole environment at the
clinic was comforting and
relaxing and I felt Trish had given
me a lot of her time and I had
not felt hurried in any way. I
would certainly have to problem
in recommending you to others
and indeed already have. Thank
you for all your care."

"Compared with the pain I was
suffering, the treatment was
completely innocuous. I had
dislodged a spinal disc lifting a
live Christmas tree when
repotting, and had been
manipulated under acupuncture
by another practitioner, the
previous Tuesday. The following
Saturday the pain, having
subsided, returned. On the
Saturday morning you very
kindly gave me 1.5 hours of your
time. The pain following
treatment again subsided and a
fortnight later has not returned.
The treatment was
understanding, informative and
very helpful and given in a
relaxing but professional
manner. I will certainly
recommend the practice to any
acquaintances and return myself
should the need arise."

To date I have received
approximately ten acupuncture
treatments. After suffering
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
symptoms for well over 7 years
this is the first relief I have
experienced. It is so amazing to
be pain and discomfort free. I
still can't believe it!

"I found the treatment
interesting, generally helpful, and
in one instance astonishingly
immediate. Trish has given me
tools - dietary, massage etc -
that I can work with myself and
has always been extremely
attentive, kind and caring. I
found the clinic pleasant, warm
and quiet, and every effort was
made to enable me to feel
comfortable and at ease. I would
recommend the practice and
shall unquestionably come again
should I feel the need."

I started having problems with
my lower back 35 years ago
when I was 19. At the time it was
diagnosed as lumbago. It has
cropped up every now and again
over the years. Occasionally it
has caused me severe
discomfort that has lasted 2-3
weeks. I was introduced to
acupuncture about 3 years ago.
I must admit I was somewhat
sceptical as to how it could halp
me but I tried it anyway. I have
never regretted that decision. I
have realised that if I have an
acupuncture session at the first
sign of my back problem it nips it
in the bud and stops the need for
painkillers and anti-inflammatory
drugs. I would not hesitate to
recommend acupuncture. It has
helped me tremendously."

"I came to see Rob in great
distress. My knee was very
painful and I was taking part in a
golf competition in a week's time
and was desperate to get better.
Rob was absolutely marvellous. I
had three treatments - lots of
advice - dietary and behavioural
- and was able to play in the
competition. Most importantly my
knee felt so much better - I could
sleep at night as it didn't hurt any
longer and I didn't feel so
depressed or in such pain.
I can't thank him enough for his
professional care and for being
such a lovely person to talk to.
Rob really made all the
difference and I am very

"Dear Trish, just to say thank
you so very much for my
treatment before I went to the
Lake District. Both J and I
benefited so much we were able
to get around very well. I was
much better (and by bowels) and
really enjoyed the break. You
also seemed to have improved
my circulation so much that
when I went for my circulation
test, it was normal! My feet have
been much warmer and my toes
have been a nice normal colour
and no soreness at the tips.
Thank you so much. J was so
much better she couldn't believe

"Dear Rob, how lucky was I
when I got your practice through
the phone book on 31 August
2007. Having strained a muscle
in my neck through sneezing,
the pain was so intense, I was
desperate for help. You kindly
arranged an appointment that
same afternoon. I had already
had tablets and rubbing cream
from the doctor which did not
help at all. You made another
appointment for four days later
when you gave me some very
intense treatment lasting 1¼
hours. Now after just two
treatments I am back to my
normal self. I am so grateful to
you and the qualities you
possess. Thank you so very

"Excellent, unhurried treatment in
bright, clean and tranquil
surroundings. A genuine interest
in patient wellbeing was evident
over a chat and a welcome cup
of tea/ coffee. I started my
course of acupuncture as a
patient, but progressed to
'feeling like a friend'. I would
definitely recommend anyone to
try acupuncture for ease of
symptoms and general wellbeing.
10/ 10."

"Trish really listens to what you
have to say about your problem.
She explains about the
procedure and how it works,
which puts you at ease from the
start. The procedure relieved the
pain I was having. I was given
advice on my diet and made
aware of my body to enable me
to identify symptoms/ issues
which could aggravate my
condition. I would recommend
acupuncture to anyone as a very
worthwhile, and certainly for me
beneficial experience."

"I attended for two sessions and
was very impressed with the
treatment and the 'interview'.
Whilst the symptoms are still
present, the pain is not as
severe. The advice given has
been very useful and I would
certainly recommend the

"I have had two acupuncture
treatments over the past six
months and on each occasion
have experienced great relief
from pain in my neck, shoulders
and back. The whole ambience
of the clinic is relaxing and
welcoming. I cannot fault the
treatment received. I would
thoroughly recommend
acupuncture to anyone
experiencing severe pain or

"I was very pleased with the level
of service and would recommend
Acupuncture First to those
considering treatment."

"Dear Rob and Trish
As you know I was experiencing
severe pain in my arm due to the
'unfreezing' stage of a frozen
shoulder, when your leaflet came
through my door. Acupuncture
was not something I had
considered, but although
ibuprofen helped I was
desperate for some relief and
ready to try anything!
I was impressed by the
thoroughness of your
questioning on my initial visit,
and by the follow up at the start
of each subsequent
I was surprised at the strength of
my reaction to certain needles,
and did feel faint at times.
However that is normal when I
am involved with needles and
that reaction lessened with
familiarity. There was slight
discomfort for 12-24 hours after
each treatment, but apart from
that I was pain free for longer
every time.
The fifth treatment was
deliberately more intensive and
some pain returned as a result,
but that wore off after about ten
days and since then I have only
suffered an occasional dull ache
and basically I have now been
pain free for five weeks.
The physio exercises are now
taking effect - no doubt helped
by the fact that I can do them
better as it doesn't hurt! And my
mobility is greatly improved. As
agreed, I will stop my treatment
with you unless there is a drastic
Thanks very much for
everything. I have been and will
continue to recommend you to
anyone who will listen! I wish you
both every success for the

"After a fall downstairs I was in
severe pain with trapped nerve in
my neck which resulted in
shoulder and arm dysfunction. A
friend recommended that I try a
course of acupuncture with
Trish. I felt so much better after
the treatments and gradually my
health and the use of my arm
returned to normal. In January I
was able to go skiing and I
cannot thank Trish enough!!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my
experience at Acupuncture First.
I enjoyed the professional
approach of the staff whilst at the
same time benefited from a
relaxed, friendly atmosphere. A
beneficial, enjoyable experience
that I would gladly recommend to
friends and family."

"I went for acupuncture with an
open mind and was pleasantly
surprised. Rob came across
extremely knowledgeable and
took time to talk and explain the
whole concept of acupuncture in
a way I could relate to. My
symptoms were stress related
headaches and fatigue. My
headaches dispersed and after
three treatments I can honestly
say I felt more balanced and
energetic than in years. He gave
sound advice on diet and I've
become a convert to mint tea!
Some points I found I was very
sensitive to the needles and I
couldn't say it was pleasant
although ii realised it had to be.
All in all I found the whole
experience uplifting and I would
recommend it to others."

"I received acupuncture from
Trish for relaxation but mainly to
induce labour. I left feeling totally
relaxed and fearless about my
impending delivery. By the time I
reached home I was already
having mild contractions. I
received acupuncture at 4pm
and by 6.05 am the very next
day I was holding my daughter
in my arms after just one hour's
labour!!! A beautiful labour and
delivery - I was totally relaxed
and enjoyed every minute!
Thank you so much I really
would not have believed it
possible! You're amazing!
Recommended treatment for any
full term fed-up pregnant lady!
Thank you!"

"Dear Trish
Thank you so much for your
time and effort last week in
making me better. I'm glad to say
things are much better now. I felt
much more comfortable after
Saturday's treatment, and from
Monday onwards I have been
getting steadily back to normal
thank goodness. What a relief to
be able to move around without
I am being very careful though
and just starting to get around
slowly. I am very very grateful to
you for coming to treat me as I
was literally at my wits' end on
the Thursday as to how to deal
with the pain and having the
second treatment made all the
Thank you again Trish, I
appreciate all you do for me. I
will no doubt be in touch again.
Best wishes to you and Rob."

"Trish explained fully about
acupuncture to me, and said it
was advisable that I should try 3
treatments on the painful areas
of my body - mainly lower back
pain. The first treatment I
experienced 2 clear days pain
free. The second treatment 3
clear pain free days. On my
third treatment Trish asked me
about heat treatment. I said I
would try anything for the pain I
was feeling. Trish put a heat
stick over the acupuncture
needles and I have now been
pain free for 5-6 weeks. I have
recommended acupuncture to
my friends."

"I was pleased with how I felt
after the acupuncture. It
definitely gave me more energy.
I have Parkinson's and have
slowed up a lot but the
acupuncture gave me a boost
and made me walk quicker. I will
recommend it to others like

"If there is one thing that terrifies
me it is the thought of someone
sticking needles into me. Having
tried every avenue know to
medical science to cure the
terrible discomfort I had suffered
from a trapped sciatic nerve,
having nearly given up the game
of golf, I succumbed after the
advice of a very close golfing
friend to try acupuncture. How I
wish I had taken that course way
back in October 2006 when the
trouble first started, three visits to
Rob, the aches had gone, and
my golf game had returned to
I was expecting on my first visit
to be in real agony when the
needles started, to my surprise
there was no pain just the odd
tingling sensation. I am now a
total believer in the power of
Apart from the actual treatment, I
have also found that I benefited
greatly from the dietary and
general life style advice I
received from Rob. Thank you
so much for the help and relief, I
will have no hesitation in
recommending your services to
all my friends."

I found the whole experience
relaxing and not at all painful.
Having tried physiotherapy and
the osteopath on my trapped
nerve in my groin, without any
success, I though I would try
acupuncture, 'and it worked'.
After three sessions I am free
from groin pain after two years
of suffering. I also had treatment
on a 'frozen shoulder'. Whilst
that hasn't been so successful it
has taken some of the pain away
and allowed me to sleep on my
left side which I haven't been
able to do for years. I would
highly recommend anyone to go
and try acupuncture and hope
they would have the same
success as I have had."

"A very professional and relaxing
set up at Leighton House. Rob
was very knowledgeable and
took time to explain the treatment
fully as well as giving advice on
diet, exercise etc. I would
recommend Acupuncture First."

"I found the whole experience
very relaxing and got used to the
needles very quickly. The
premises are very well presented
and Trish is very easy to talk to
and seems committed to only
giving treatment that will add
value. I had a general treatment
for symptoms relating to the
ageing process, especially
menstrual problems and I have
seen a significant improvement
in this area."

"I found both practitioners helpful
and courteous and the
atmosphere was calm and
pleasant. The treatment itself was
restful and very beneficial."

"I was very impressed by the
way my 'whole self' was
considered - lifestyle, medical
history, present condition -
before treatment was started."

"The treatment I have received
has been very beneficial to me.
It has helped with my pain and
also made me feel better in
myself. I feel more healthy, less
tired and have more energy. I
have found Trish a caring and
also confident person and seems
to do the job very well. I would
certainly recommend
acupuncture to anyone who has
not tried it."

"My apprehension of the
unknown soon disappeared
with the friendly approach on
arrival. The whole atmosphere
was calm, restful and
professional throughout and I
was always treated with
extreme kindness and
courtesy. Acupuncture
definitely changed my life (I
am not being dramatic) and I
am still feeling the benefits. I
would most certainly
recommend it to others. On
leaving I felt happy and
optimistic. As for any aspects
I didn't like - sorry I can't help

"Having had acupuncture at
various places and for various
reasons before, I had a
benchmark for the treatment I
received with Trish. I was
most impressed with her
professionalism and her
manner. The results were
immediate and better than
expected. Cessation of alcohol
lasted for a week, then old
habits sank back in for various
reasons. I should like to make
an appointment in the near
future as I feel with her help I
can get what I want. I would
and have recommended you
as I was so impressed. I felt
safe, listened to, valued, and
that her competence was
excellent. A big thank you to

"I was recommended Rob
after a period off work due to
stress. I was very impressed
with the initial consultation and
the depth into which my
condition was discussed. The
treatment itself was extremely
relaxing and I felt the results
almost immediately. I would
fully recommend Acupuncture
First, and indeed have, to
anyone, and look forward to
returning for future treatment.
As well as the treatment, the
friendly manner in which Rob
discussed my condition
played a big part in making
this a thoroughly beneficial

"The treatments were very
relaxing throughout and I
appreciated the concise
explanations of each part and
the warm and comfortable
atmosphere at Acupuncture
First. I benefited a great deal
from every aspect of the
treatments and the problems
that I was experiencing -
largely due to stress - were
relieved by Trish's expertise
and her warm and soothing
personality. I have to say I
was a little sceptical at the
beginning but was wholly
converted by the time I
finished and would readily
recommend Acupuncture First
to all my friends. I think it
highly likely that I shall be
returning for more treatment in
the not too distant future!!"

I found the whole experience
calming and peaceful. Trish
herself was very reassuring
and gave me confidence. I
started sleeping again after
treatment. I had been relying
on sleeping tablets for some
time. I particularly liked the
head massage. I would
certainly recommend the

" Hi Rob, thank you so much
for the excellent treatment that
I received from you. I felt
much better even after just
one treatment and have
continued to be myself ever
since. I fell you have given me
my life back. I have followed
your advice. I have already
recommended it to a friend
who has just completed a
course with you. Many

"The treatment was highly
effective and I have
recommended it to everyone.
My first thought when I injured
my shoulder during childbirth
was that I will be straight back
as soon as I can. The
atmosphere was relaxed and
trustworthy. There is no added
mysticism or fake exoticism,
which adds to the reliability of
the treatment. The rooms were
always clean and welcoming,
and all my fears were
discussed and respected. Of
all the alternative therapies I
have tried this is the best, and
this comes from the skill and
empathy of the practitioners!"

"After a fall down stairs Aug
08 it was found I had
sustained a fracture of one of
the lower vertebrae. The
various prescribed pills etc
failed to relieve the
considerable discomfort so
with some trepidation I made
an appointment at Leighton
House. Rob was quick to put
my mind at ease and to
reassure me about the
treatment, which was carried
out in a warm restful
environment. I had three
sessions, the first providing
the most noticeable relief. On
his advice I have purchased a
support belt and coccyx
cushion which I use regulary.
I still have some discomfort
when rising from a chair,
which passes after a few
seconds, but Rob did explain
that such an injury could take
months to fully recover. I have
already mentioned your
services to a number of

"Having had acupuncture
some years earlier I knew
what to expect but was still
impressed with both the
treatment and the practitioner.
Whilst I still have pain in my
left hip, my leg, which was the
area for which I was treated,
is now pain free. The
treatment is relatively pain free
and in no way uncomfortable
except for slight sensation on
insertion and removal of
needles. I would have no
hesitation in having this form
of treatment again nor in
recommending it to others."

"Having never undergone
acupuncture before I was
quite apprehensive, however I
found Rob to be very
reassuring and he spent a
considerable time discussing
my condition on my first visit,
he did not rush my treatment
which I found very reassuring.
The benefits I received were
that the pain in my left arm,
due to a trapped nerve in my
back, started to ease after the
first treatment, something that
had not happened in over
three months of constant pain.
I cannot say that I enjoyed the
pins in my body, however it
was not as bad as I had
anticipated. The results have
been excellent, the pain in my
left arm is now nearly gone
after three sessions. I would
certainly recommend
Acupuncture First to anybody
suffering debilitating pain. Rob
was very professional and did
not rush the treatment."

"After several visits to
Acupuncture First I can
honestly say that the treatment
I received was first class. I
was very impressed with the
professional approach to my
problems which were mainly
arthritis and diverticulitis. The
attention to detail in the initial
assessment was very
comprehensive which also
included advice on diet. I was
informed that long-standing
arthritis was unlikely to
improve much by
acupuncture, nevertheless the
course did give some relief to
the neck area. I was also
impressed by the clinic
overall. Rob and Trish could
not have been more helpful
and made me feel very
relaxed. I would not hesitate to
recommend Acupuncture First
to anyone considering
acupuncture etc."

"The overall experience was
excellent. I was impressed by
the professionalism of the
practice. My pain and
discomfort was reduced and I
was given a clear explanation
as to the problem with my
back and how I could help
improve it. I would not hesitate
in recommending this practice
to other people."

"I am very happy with the
treatment received and the
pain in my elbow joint has
virtually gone. It only hurts me
now occasionally whereas
before it was constant and
dragging me down. I thought
the treatment at the clinic was
in a really good atmosphere
and I was totally relaxed. I
have already recommended
the clinic to others and will
continue to do so. I am very
grateful and happy with the
results which are great value
for money. I intend coming
back for top ups!"

I went for acupuncture at a
time when I was in a great
amount of pain and not able to
sleep. The acupuncture totally
relaxed me, and whilst it didn't
stop the pain, I did find that I
was able to sleep. I would
strongly recommend the
treatment I received and would
like to add that I would
certainly consider it in the

"The benefits I have received
from having treatment by
Acupuncture First have been
tremendous. Having previously
suffered from chronic fatigue I
now have no associated
symptoms of aching muscles,
extreme tiredness, lack of
energy etc. in fact I have
more energy, a stronger
immunity to colds, a greater
resilience to everyday 'stress',
much reduced PMT and a
general feeling of wellbeing.
There is no noted cure for CF,
however I would, after being
treated by Acupuncture First,
consider acupuncture to be
one. I received my treatment
in a relaxing and professional
environment. I would definitely
recommend the treatment to
anyone thinking about having

"Having had a very painful foot
for months I decided to try
acupuncture, after only two
treatments the pain has gone.
I am only sorry I did not go
earlier. I would certainly
recommend acupuncture to
anyone in pain."

"I attended Leighton House as
I had sleep problems and
persistent high blood
pressure. I found the
experience quite enjoyable
and relaxing. To my surprise I
find my blood pressure has
come down considerably from
156/88 to around 130/78,
preventing the need for more
tablets. The sleep problem had
been a little better, but it has
been quite a stressful time
over Christmas."

"I first visited Trish after
fracturing my index finger. My
finger was painful and very
swollen, but after my very first
session, the swelling subsided
and my finger has continued
to improve. I would highly
recommend Acupuncture
First. Trish and Rob are highly
professional and empathetic.
Excellent therapy in relaxed
calm environment. Many

"I had 3 treatments for wrist
pain (probably repetitive
strain). The first treatment was
particularly successful, and
subsequent treatment
maintained the improvement.
Thank you. I enjoyed each
treatment find them quite
relaxing. I was impressed with
the treatment rooms."

"Rob was informative and
professional as well as being
easy to talk to. My right
shoulder had been a problem
for 20 years. At the end of the
treatments I was able to move
my arm freely, sleep on that
side which I couldn't
previously and it has eased
the pain. Acupuncture has
been beneficial to me."

"Initially I was uncertain if the
acupuncture was appropriate
for the congestion and
tiredness I was suffering, but
at the third treatment I felt a
distinctive improvement. I felt
my health was returning and
my energy level increased.
While I was on holiday in
Portugal I said to my husband
that I had never felt so healthy
for months. It was a great
feeling and I am still nurturing
it (touch wood!!). The clinic
was very comfortable and the
atmosphere welcoming,
without being overbearing. I
would recommend
Acupuncture First and intend
to return if I have other health

"Rob, thanks for helping me
give up smoking after 29
years. All the best for the
future. "

"Not my first experience of
acupuncture, but as
successful as the best. The
full explanation of 'whys' and
'wherefores' is very
reassuring. For the first time
in years I can turn my head
without pain - wow!"

"Very pleased with all aspects
of treatment. A definite
improvement in my
complaints. I have been
treated by both Rob and Trish
and I am happy to say I have
been most satisfied. I would
recommend treatment by
either acupuncturist to
anyone. A very professional

"After my very first treatment
of only five needles I felt the
needles for up to 5 days
afterwards. I wish to use
acupuncture in my healthy life
styles plan as a way of
keeping my body balanced to
assist me in my daily routines
with work and fitness training.
I look forward to my next
treatment. I found the
consultation excellent and
interesting and the room
comfortable. Overall an
enjoyable experience."

"On my first visit I felt great
release from the pain I was
suffering. The following few
sessions gave little relief. The
pain in my lower back
continued to be consistent,
with taking up to 8 painkillers a
day and eventually using a
tens machine. Eventually the
treatment began to give me
relief and today I take no
painkillers and don't use the
tens machine and haven't
done so for over three weeks.
I have also had relief in my leg
muscles, neck and arm
problem, been given more
energy and have stopped
having 'hot flushes'. All in all a
very successful nine sessions.
Thank you Trish."

"From the moment I arrived I
was made to feel very
comfortable and relaxed. I was
dealt with in a very
professional manner and felt
confident that Trish
understood my needs. I was
put at ease and felt the
benefits following the
treatment. The clinic hits the
right balance in terms of
décor and feel - it is
professional without feeling
too clinical and is in fact
extremely welcoming. I would
certainly recommend."

"I would like to recommend
acupuncture as a deterrent for
smoking. I only have the
highest praise in my case. I
started on 8 Nov and I had
smoked for 50 years about 30
a day, and after that first
session with Rob I still have
not had a cigarette since. I
had 3 further sessions and up
to this day 18 January I still
don't feel like a cigarette all
praise to acupuncture."

"I have found that
acupuncture has been a great
success for my depression
and PMT. Coming to sessions
has always been something I
have looked forward to
because you always made me
feel as if I was your only
patient and that helping me
was your priority. I always felt
you listened and understood
and took the time to explain
why you had chosen certain
points and what you felt would
be the benefit of them for me.
I am not very good with
needles and yet your
professionalism and caring
nature always made me totally
at ease and I felt safe and
secure in your care."

"I was most impressed with
the whole experience in
particular the acupuncture,
the massage and advice
given. I experienced relief
from the very first treatment
which improved through the
remaining three treatments
and am continuing with the
exercises given. I would most
certainly recommend your
treatment to friends, in fact my
friend has already joined you
and I feel there will be more to