Acupuncture Model
What is Chinese
Acupuncture is a
Chinese healing
therapy whereby
needles are used to
rebalance the flow of
energy within the body.
The needles used in
acupuncture treatment
are very fine. They
bring about a sensation
which may be a
tingling, numbness, or
dull feeling and may
travel to other parts of
the body.

Electro acupuncture
Although acupuncture
dates back more than
3000 years, electro
acupuncture is much
more recent. In this
technique, after the
needles have been
inserted, an electric
current is passed
through the needles to
enhance their
Depending on the type
of wave used, the
effect can be either
sedating or stimulating.
It is often used for
painful conditions.

Tui Na
Tui Na is a therapeutic
Chinese massage. It
can be used on its own
or in addition to
acupuncture and uses
pressure, manipulation
and other techniques to
promote the flow of
energy and blood.

Dried herbs are burned
and held near the
body. The warmth of
the burning herbs
moves the energy in
areas of the body that
are cold and painful.

TDP Heat Lamp
This is a far-infrared
heating device. It is
used to promote the
natural healing
processes of the body.
It is believed to reduce
inflammation, relieve
pain and improve

Patent Herbal
Patent herbal medicine
is in prepared form,
such as pills, oils and
medicated plasters,
rather than loose or
raw herbs. Herbal
medicine has been
studied and used in
China for 4000 years.
Modern herbal
formulae contain herbs
with different
properties, targeting
different aspects of
your disharmony.

Ear Seeds
Small seeds are
attached to specific
points on the ear acting
as a form of mild
acupressure. Pressing
the seeds acts on the
nervous system and
can help in the
treatment of

This technique draws
Qi and blood to the
surface of the skin
using a vacuum
created inside a glass
or bamboo cup, to
relieve pain caused by
spasm and stagnation.

Acupuncture needle
compared to sewing