Cost of

First treatment 40

Follow-up treatments 35

Home visits  
Sorry, due to COVID-19 we have had to suspend all home visits until further notice.

Medicated plasters 8 per pack

Payment can be made by either card, cash or
cheque, or by mobile or online banking. For
mobile or online banking we will need to
provide you with our account details and
your reference number.

If you are a member of one of the plans
listed on the left you will be able to claim
back some or all of your treatment costs.
If you are a member of another healthcare
scheme do check your policy as you may
be able to claim.

Missed appointments
Relunctantly, we have taken the decision to
charge for missed first appointments, in
certain circumstances.

When a patient fails to turn up for an
appointment without good reason, there is a
lack of consideration, both for other
patients who may have wanted that
appointment time, and for the practitioner
who will have spent some considerable time
preparing for the consultation.

Therefore a charge of 40 will be made to
patients who fail to attend, if they do not
get in touch to let us know the
circumstances and do not respond to any
attempts we make to get in touch with